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Below is a listing of tutorials for the AI in the Galaxy editor. Unfortunately, the AI Editor only has one tutorial (is what this would say if the great map maker Imposter hadn't added his superb AI module tutorial!), the rest of the tutorials deal with the AI through triggers. For your benefit, video tutorials have been marked with a yellow camera icon (Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png), and written tutorials have been marked with a green text icon (Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png). If you find a tutorial that is outdated and no longer useful, please let us know. If you want to add a tutorial, be sure you include the appropriate icon as well as the name of the author who originally wrote the tutorial. These people put a lot of work into making this content, so let's give them credit for it. Go Here for more map editing tutorials.

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png AI Editor - Attack Waves by Imposter
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Zergling Attack AI Part 1 by OneTwoSC
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Multithreading and AI by Thalassicus
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Team/Force Building in Galaxy Editor by Aizuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png AI - Simple Behaviors by Ultimaswc3
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Custom Campaign AI by RedRevolution
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Repeating Attack Waves and more! by Bane
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Automatically Train Units by CustomStarcraft
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png AI Module by Jake
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Making your own Skynet by DeltaCadimus


Artificial Intelligence
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Waves, Bullies and Campaign AI
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Construction, Difficulty, Filters, Requirements, Tactical, Towns, Transports, Utility and Waves
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Tactical AI Data