SC2Mapster Wiki

Callbacks are functions called by Starcraft II directly when an event occur.

  • InitMap() - After all the galaxy files have been parsed.
  • DebugCallback(int player)
  • AIMeleeStart(int player)
  • AINewUnit(int player, unit u)
  • AIIsAttacking(int player)
  • AINeedsDefending(int player)
  • AICombatPriority(unit target, unitgroup attackers, unitgroup enemies)
  • AITownIsFull(int player, int town)
  • AIWaveThink(int player, wave w, int type)
  • AITownWasLost(int player, int town)
  • AIMelee(int player)
  • AIWaveAddedUnit(int, wave, unit)
  • AIGetMaker(int player, string objType)
  • AIGetObjectType(int player, string objType)
  • AIGetFirstUnfinishedReq(int player, string objType)
  • AIGetFirstMissingReq(int player, string objType)
  • AIGetDefaultBuildFlags(int player, string objType)
  • AISpellPriority(unitgroup src, unitgroup dst)
  • AIGetScout(int player, int index, unit prev)
  • AIWaveChange(int, wave, int, int)
  • AIEarlyDefScout(int player, unit prev)