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Terrain Editor[]

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Cameras Layer[]


Camera Layer is a part of the Terrain Editor which makes it possible to create and place cameras on the map, which can be used by triggers and scripting.


  • Use the Camera Editor to manipulate cameras: Edit>Camera>CameraEditor.
  • Do not use the Cameras property settings to manipulate a camera.
  • The camera options are always targeting the "look-at-point". The "camera house" location or "eye" location has no x,y,z variables which you can manipulate. To specify an exact location you need to do custom calculations based on the Distance, Height, Rotation and Roll values.
  • The transparent camera model is a bit disturbing. Toggle the Camera Layer on and off in the View>Show Layer>Cameras.
  • What you see in the editor is not exactly what you will see in game, since the screen dimensions will be different.
  • Cameras can be added dynamicly with triggers.
  • To set the camera to gameplay view, use View>Camera>Reset to Gameplay View.
  • Toggle View>Lock Game View Settings to preview lights and shading as it will appear in game. This will not affect the camera viewport.

Tools & User Interface[]


  • Create Camera: adds a camera to the map.
  • View Selected Camera: Moves the editor camera to the viewport of the selected camera.
  • Set Camera to Current View
  • Save View To File

List of Preplaced Cameras[]

A list of all the cameras you have placed on the map.

Additional tools[]

The Camera Editor[]

The camera editor is a user friendly interface of all the paramters that goes into a camera. The name in the parenthesis indicates what the values name is in the trigger module.

  • Depth of field - Amount (Depth of Field):
  • Depth of field - Depth (does not exist):
  • Depth of field - Falloff Start (Falloff Start):
  • Depth of field - Falloff End (Falloff End):
  • Near Clip (Near Clip):
  • Far Clip (Far Clip):
  • Shadow Clip (Shadow Clip):
  • Field of View (Field of View):
  • Near Clip (Near Clip):
  • "No title" (Angle of Attack): Forward tilt of the camera.
  • Roll (Roll):
  • Rotation (Rotation):
  • Distance (Distance):
  • Target 1 (applied with separate action): the x coordinate of the "look at point"
  • Target 2 (applied with separate action): the y coordinate of the "look at point"
  • Target 3 (applied with separate action): the z coordinate of the "look at point".
  • Reset to Defaults:
  • Get Game Camera:
  • Set Game Camera:

Camera properties[]

If you click a camera on the map the viewport will move to this camera. If you double click a camera in the list of preplaced cameras, it will open camera properties. On the tab Camera, you will see a lot of options.

  • Use the Camera Editor to alter these values, it is much more user friendly.
  • When you are done editing in the Camera Editor, select a camera in the list of preplaced cameras and press "Set Camera to Current view" to save it.

Controls & Hotkeys[]

Rotate Camera[]

Category Name Type Modifiers Control
Camera Rotate (Mouse) Mouse Drag Ctrl+ Right Button


Category Name Type Modifiers Control
Camera Zoom (Mouse) Mouse Drag Shift+ Right Button
Camera Zoom In (Mouse Wheel) Mouse Wheel Wheel Up
Camera Zoom Out (Mouse Wheel) Mouse Wheel Wheel Down

Change height of your "Eye"[]

Category Name Type Modifiers Control
Camera Height (Mouse) Mouse Drag Alt+ Right Button
Camera Height Down (Mouse Wheel) Mouse Wheel Alt+ Wheel Down
Camera Height Up (Mouse Wheel) Mouse Wheel Alt+ Wheel Up

Usage Examples[]

Blurred background (limited focal depth)[]

Changing the height of the camera[]

Making a camera follow a unit[]

Third person camera[]

First person camera[]

Applying a custom starting camera[]

If you make your own arcade map and run it without the melee options, the camera target will be the (0,0) coordinate. To change this, create your own camera and use the function "Apply Camera Object". You have to do this for each player individually.