SC2Mapster Wiki


SC2Mapster is a community for map makers and enthusiasts. We want to provide the best solution for those who want to create, publish, and play maps. We operate strictly within Blizzard's Terms of Service. You can click the links to the left to visit the main website. This wiki is part of the same Sc2mapster community, and is intended to be a great source of information for any mapper. Using this wiki requires a curse account, which works across all curse Community & forum sites, including Sc2mapster.



The online IRC chat is almost always populated, with the highest amount of activity during:

  • European evening hours
  • American day hours


The forums are where tutorials and longer discussions are posted. groups[]

You can find SC2Mapster groups at the EU and US servers.
These are direct links to the groups and can be entered in the address bar of any web browser if you've Starcraft 2 installed.
EU: starcraft://group/2/2380
US: starcraft://group/1/98

Weekly Terrain Exercises[]

For terrain enthusiasts the WTE offers a reoccuring challenge. Main forum thread

Weekly Data Excercises[]

Main forum thread

Weekly Cinematics Excercises[]

Main forum thread

Custom campaign initiative[]

For campaign makers, the custom campaign initiative provides support and a place to gather content. Single player campaigns with map linking have to be played offline, which makes it neccessary to download them from the web. Project homepage