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Attach Methods[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Attachment Methods (AMs) are used for the hosting of actors on non-specific model attachment points. The most common use for attachment methods is for varying the launch and impact points of Action actor visuals used for attacks and unit damage state related Squib actors that are created on random parts of units.

  • Take note that the majority of all the attach methods here mostly require the presence of the Filter one. This one is used to specify the attachement points to work with. In any other cases, the other attach method can still rend a result, but it will rarely be adequate, as models possesse a great variety of attachement points containing the same keywords.
  • A lot of those attach methods are exclusive to core files. Any beginner that wishes to go with the simplest/popular ones should look upon: Filter, Pattern and Random.

Details of what each type of Attachment Method does are covered in the following pages:

Attach Method Types[edit | edit source]