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Buttons[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Buttons are Data Types that allow a unit to perform commands within the command card. Usually they are linked to abilities and placed on units' command cards for use. When a player presses the button the orders defined by the command card section of the unit.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • Buttons are used to allow a unit to use abilities, learn abilities, build structures, research upgrades etc.
  • Buttons can be hidden or turned off using requirements.
  • Buttons can be used to change the command card's page or submenu, and to come out of the page/submenu.
  • Unlike most data types, buttons don't have any subtypes.
  • Tooltip text can contain codes that reference certain field data so the text can stay true as upgrades occur.

Example Usage[edit | edit source]

Ability Button[edit | edit source]

The zergling's burrow button is found in the bottom right corner of the zergling's command card. It has a requirement to only allow use when the burrow ability has been researched. If a player has researched the burrow ability and clicks it via the zergling's command card, the zergling will morph(ability) into its burrowed counterpart. The burrowed counterpart has a button called unburrow which allows it to morph(ability) to its former self.

Tooltip Text[edit | edit source]

The sentry's Hallucination button tool tip text references the behavior duration through this code here <d ref="Behavior,HallucinationTimedLife,Duration"/>

Fields[edit | edit source]

Editor[edit | edit source]

  • Editor Categories: Used to organize buttons in several categories available: None, Creep, Critter, Neutral, Protoss, Terran, Zerg.
  • Editor Comment: Comments used to describe the button, only seen in the editor. Mostly used to explain to other editors of the map who may not understand.
  • Editor Description: Description of the ability in the editor, used to explain to other editors of the map who may not understand.
  • Editor Prefix: Prefix shown only in the Editor, useful for sorting.
  • Editor Suffix: Suffix shown only in the Editor, useful for recognition.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Alert Icon: If linked to an ability that plays an alert, this icon will be played.
  • Hotkey Set: (Unknown)
  • Icon: The .dds file texture used as the icon of the button found on command cards and editor trees.
  • Simple Display Text: In SC2, there's a setting called simple display, which dumbs down the entire UI for beginners and minimalists. This text will be shown when this setting is on.
  • Tooltip Image: Image that shows on the tooltip when the player hovers their mouse over the button.
  • Tooltip Flags +: Flags used to disable or enable certain data seen in the button's tooltip. Ex. Unchecking "Show Name" will remove the name of the button from the tooltip.
  • Tint By Race: SEMI-TESTED: Button icon will be tinted by race regardless of icon. Terran: Green, Protoss: Blue, Zerg: Orange
  • Universal: (Unknown)
  • Hides For Simple Text: If this is checked/true, then the button will not be shown if the same row it occupies in the unit command card is being used to display simple text, i.e., on another button located on the same row. The "Hold Position", "Patrol" buttons present on most command cards have this enabled and are hidden by the "Move" and "Attack" button's simple text displays.
  • Hotkey: Key used to press the button, alternative to mouse click.
  • Alert Name: Name shown if an alert was played.
  • Name: Name of the Button.
  • Alert Tooltip: Tooltip shown if an alert was played.
  • Tooltip: Tooltip of the button, used to describe the uses of the button, found when a player hovers over the button.
  • Hotkey Alias: UNTESTED: Used to spread hotkeys to different buttons.