SC2Mapster Wiki

Unit Order[]


Verifies if the Unit's particular ability/command can be executed.

Availlability is the key:

  • Requirements returning false or
  • Ability disabling (from a buff behavior or triggers)
  • Not enough resources or vital type
  • Validators. This can be used wisely for build abilities, in which you can put the validators in the info array. Be aware that these validators must precisly deny the ability. For example, if using a validator that prevents from building a supply depot on current spot of the caster, make sure that the validator indicates the caster point as well, not "None" which could be any place at all.

Field Categories[]

(None): Check State Only[]

When checked, this validator will only evaluate if the ability command is disabled for the unit, regardless if the command can be executed due to reasons like “not enough mana”.

(None): Unit Order Command Flags[]

Specific flag regarding the command.

  • This can be used to check the Auto-Cast state of an ability. It is just oddly configured: If an auto-cast should be on, only check Set Auto-Cast. If it should be off, check Set Auto-Cast AND Set Auto-Cast On.

Target: Target[]

Potential target of the order. Can be ignored to scope on the Order itself.

Validator: Ability[]

The Ability value from data.

Validator: Ability Command[]

The Ability's command value. Usually contains "Execute" (0) and "Cancel" (1). Other abilities like Move have a greater variety of commands.

Validator: Other Unit[]

Unit from which the compared order is validated.

Validator: Unit[]

Which unit has its order validated.