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The Data editor is a tool provided to access and make changes to data within the Starcraft 2 game libraries. Once a change is made, however, the new value will be saved relative to the current map to prevent important data from being overwritten. Meta GUI guide

Data Editor Settings

The following Data Editor Settings were used to get the correct field names. Please use these settings as well when updating this part of the wiki.

Data Editor View Settings Partial Numberd.png

1. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor viewrawdata.png Disable View Raw Data

2. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor tableview.png Enable Show Table View

3. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor defaultvalues.png Disable Sort Fields By Source

4. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor advancedvalues.png Disable Show Basic Field Label

5. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor fieldtypenames.png Enable Show Field Categories

6. Ui-editoricon-dataeditor combinestructurevalues.png Disable Combine Structure Values

Referencing Fields

Sometimes you want to refer to data from the data editor, or you want to change stuff using catalogs. For this you will need to know the following information:

  • What Data Type is it that I'm looking for?
    • The possible datatypes are listed below
  • What is the ID of the object that I want the data from?
    • When looking in the data editor hit ctrl+d (enter raw data mode) and at the top of the fields should now be a field named id. This is the id you want to use.
  • What is the fieldpath for the field from which I want the data?
    • go into raw data mode (ctrl+d) find the field from which you want to retrieve the value. It would look something like "CDataType_Field" What you do is remove the C... line till the first "_" then change all the "_" into "." and if it is an array you need to specify the position in the array ([n] n=position).

Data Types (Tabs)

Displayed in order of categories seen in data editor.




Art And Sound



  • Artifacts
  • Artifact Slots
  • Configs
  • Heroes
  • Hero Abilities
  • Hero Statistics
  • Mounts
  • Skins
  • Talents
  • Talent Profiles
  • Voice Overs



Fields Structure

See the Fields Structure Page.

Data Wizards

See the Data Wizard Documentation.

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