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Terrain Editor[edit | edit source]

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Doodads Layer[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Doodads layer is a part of the Terrain Editor which makes it possible to add and remove preplaced models. These models can not interact with Units, merely block their path although doodads can respond to units and effects. Doodads are for decorations and pathing restrictions only. Custom doodads can be made by creating Doodad actors in the data editor.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • To tilt doodads you need to use Site Operators, which are Actors and defined in the Data Module.
  • Use Edit>Search/Replace to find and remove specific Doodads.
  • Doodads can be added dynamically with Triggers although their footprints will not apply.
  • Spacebar on your keyboard toggles between placing and editing units.
  • Hold Shift will ignore the units footprint and placement requirements.
  • Doodads are not selectable in game.

Tools & User Interface[edit | edit source]

Filters[edit | edit source]

The filters are here to help you finding what you are looking for.

Search[edit | edit source]

If you know the name of the doodad the search is usually the fastest way to find what you are looking for.

List of available doodads[edit | edit source]

These doodads are the ones you have defined in the Data Modules Actor tab.

  • You may have to save and reopen the map for a newly made doodad type actor to appear in the list

List of placed units[edit | edit source]

  • This list contains all doodads which you have placed on the map.

Additional tools[edit | edit source]

Undo[edit | edit source]

Makes your last action undone. Available in Edit -> Undo. Hotkey: Ctrl+Z.

Redo[edit | edit source]

Makes your last undo undone. Available in Edit -> Redo. Hotkey: Ctrl+Y.

Cut[edit | edit source]

Cuts out your selection, making it pastable. Available in Edit -> Cut. Hotkey: Ctrl+X.

Copy[edit | edit source]

Copies your selection, making it pastable. Available in Edit -> Copy. Hotkey: Ctrl+C.

Paste[edit | edit source]

Pastes what you last cut or copied. Available in Edit -> Paste. Hotkey: Ctrl+V.

Clear[edit | edit source]

Deletes your selection. Available in Edit -> Clear. Hotkey: Delete.

Copy Position[edit | edit source]

Copies the position of what you've selected, making it pastable. Available in Edit -> Copy Position. Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+C.

Paste Position[edit | edit source]

Pastes the last copied position. Available in Edit -> Paste. Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+V.

Find/Replace[edit | edit source]

If you want to remove all rocks on the map you can do this with the powerful search tool, available in Edit -> Find/Replace.

Object Groups[edit | edit source]

To manage portions of doodads, you can assign them to groups, which is done in the Map>Object Group settings.Object Groups

  • These doodad groups seems to exist only for the purpose of self-organization.

Doodad Properties[edit | edit source]

If you double click a doodad or group of doodad on the map, you will get a property window.

  • The name in this window does not reflect the doodads name in-game. It is for the editor only. To change a doodads name, you will have to edit it in the Data Module.
  • The tint makes it possible to colorize a doodad. Black means transparent tint, so pick a color which is "brighter". The HDR multiplier makes the model "shine". The only way to preview tint is to play the game.
  • To tilt a doodad you need to use Site Operators.
  • Toggle Footprint option: Some doodads have footprint, which means ground units will be unable to walk where the doodad is placed or use it to walk over otherwise impassable terrain like bridges.
  • Ignore placement requirement option: when moving the doodad around the placement requirement may be set to be ignored. This can be achieved by holding shift while moving as well.