SC2Mapster Wiki

Welcome to the brand new Sc2mapster Wiki!

We can't make this wiki into an awesome source of knowledge without your help, so take a look at the information below to get started!

Accounts & Logging In

You do not need to make a new account to use the wiki- you can log in with the same username and password (your email won't work) that you use for the main sc2mapster website. Just click the "Log In" link in the top right corner of the page. Once you're logged in, you can set up your preferences here. You can create new pages or edit most existing pages once you've logged in (no additional confirmation or approval is required).

What we're doing here

If you've used sc2mapster for a while, you'll probably have used our old wiki here. The original wiki does contain a huge amount of information, but it's formatted poorly and is using some pretty strange wiki software. To fix that, we're going to be moving that information over to this new wiki. The old wiki will remain live so that you can reference it when needed, but we want to get all of that information moved onto this new wiki.

That means you won't need to create many brand-new pages, but instead, you'll just move old content over and make edits or corrections when needed. While most of the data in the old wiki was accurate, the 1.5 editor updates changed some systems pretty drastically some some information is outdated.

We need to make sure that we can redirect any old links to the wiki to the new wiki once everything is done. In order for this to work, we'll all need to follow some specific rules (see below) when porting over pages.

How to Move Pages Over

  • Pick an area you want to fill in information for (You can try Triggers or Data, or take a look at the Main Page, Community Portal, or Requested Pages)
  • Find a page that does not exist (Links will usually be in red if the linked page doesn't exist yet), and then create it. You can do that by clicking the red link, or by searching for the page and then clicking "create this page" (You can see more about creating pages here).
  • Find the same page on the old wiki, click "Edit Page" and copy the wiki code there. Paste that code into the new page here.
  • Every single link on the old wiki used the "Galaxy/" prefix. In this new wiki, you must always remove that prefix on every link.
    • One easy way to do this is by clicking the find & replace button. It looks like a pencil and a magnifying glass in the top right corner of the editing box. In the first box, type "Galaxy/", leave the second box blank, and press "Replace All". This will remove all the "galaxy/" prefixes.
    • For example, the link "Galaxy/Triggers/Whatever" would become "Triggers/Whatever"
  • Next, take a look at any links which use spaces. Spaces around slashes (/) should be removed, but spaces not around slashes are okay.
    • For example, if you saw the link "Triggers / Whatever / Some Action", you would change it to "Triggers/Whatever/Some Action". Note that the spaces around slashes (/) were removed, but the spaces not between slashes were left.
  • Next, check over the page to make sure the information is still accurate. Most of it will likely be correct, but if you see something you think is wrong, fix it! If you're not sure, you can post about it in the Discussion section of that wiki page or post about it in the Wiki Forum.
  • You'll need to convert the page from the old markup language to the new one. Many things are similar, but a few things have changed.
    • Headers must have equal signs (=) on both sides, not just the front. So " ==My Header" would have to become"==My Header==".
    • This is a useful page with many of the markup features listed
  • Finally, add the necessary categories to your page. The most common categories will be listed below, along with when you should use them. To add a category, just type "[[Category:TheCategoryName]]" (without the quotes) at the bottom of the page.
    • The main module which the page belongs to should be a category. For example, Triggers, Data, Cutscene, Terrain, etc....
      • [[Category:Triggers]],[[Category:Terrain]],[[Category:Data]]
    • Trigger Action/Function pages should have the category of the action/function as well as the Action/Function category itself.
      • For example, you would put the category "Actors" for the action "Attach Model to Unit" because that's where it's located in the trigger editor. [[Category:Actors]]
      • Use either [[Category:Actions]] or [[Category:Functions]] depending on weather this is an action or a function (so the trigger page will have 3 categories total)
      • Take a look at the Trigger Template or Data Template for more information.

More Information

You can click the "Discussion" link in the top left corner of the page to create a discussion about the page. For example, if you think something's wrong on the page, you can mention it there. The Community Portal is a great place to go if you're not sure what pages need to be added. You can find more information on just about everything here. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, post about it on the wiki forum! If you want to keep an eye on a particular page, you can choose 'Watch Page' from the drop-down arrow next to the search bar.