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Terrain Editor[]

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Pathing Layer is a part of the Terrain Editor which makes it possible to limit unit movement.


  • Pathing has nothing to do with roads.
  • Pathing is not visible in game.
  • Ground unit pathing is "painted" onto the map.
  • Air unit pathing is added through "round" doodads with a radial area of effect.
  • Use Pathing to block unit entering/ unwanted areas, such as doodads or map border.

Tools & User Interface[]

Painted Pathing[]

Movement limiting that affects ground units.

  • Add/Remove Pathing: simple drawing of allowed and non-allowed terrain cells.
    • No Pathing: prevents units from walking on these terrain cells.
    • Ground: Makes the ground walkable, even tough it should not be walkable (like across cliff edges and such.
    • No Building: prevents buildings from being built or landed on this area.
    • No Creep: Prevents creep from spreading into this area. Note: there is a new tool in the Terrain part which you can edit creep with. See Terrain Layer.
  • Size and Shape: Brush settings.

Dynamic Path Filling[]

  • Works like doodads.
  • Purpose and effect of the dynamic property is unkown.


No Fly Zones[]

  • Works like doodads, but limits flying units movement.
  • The effect is radial, eminating from the center of the doodad.
  • The soft radious (properties) makes the marker "bouncy".
  • The hard radious (properties) makes the marker "hard" and brings the unit to a full stop.
  • It is not possible to preview the range of a customized No Fly Zone marker. Use the distance measurment tool to get a better idea: Tools>Measure Distance.
  • Use them carefully since they are not visible in game. If there is no visible object in the way of the flying unit the player will get irritated when their units are brought to halt.