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Terrain Editor[]

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Points Layer[]



Points layer are a part of the Terrain Editor where you can preplace 2D or 3D locations which you can use in scripting. They can be organized into groups and paths. The points markers are invisible in game. Using the point palette, you can lay user-defined points on your map, mainly for use in triggers.


  • Use Edit>Search/Replace to find and remove specific points.
  • Points can be added dynamically with Triggers.
  • Spacebar on your keyboard toggles between placing and editing.
  • How to make a point array for TDs


Basics Of Point Arrays For Tower Defense Maps

Tools & User Interface[]

Add Point[]

Push points to map.

  • Toggle edit/add with spacebar.

Add Start Location[]

  • When you place a start location you will see a "shimmering" town center. When the town center is visible, it means there is nothing blocking its path. If it is not visible then something around it is blocking it. If so it will not spawn when you run the Melee Initializing scripts. To check if something is blocking it:
    • Uncheck: View>Lock Game View
    • Check: View>Show Layer>Pathing
    • Check: View>Placement Grid>Show Placement Grid
    • Check: View>Placement Grid>Show Ground

This should make a green grid visible. If a building or mineral field is blocking the town centers location, it will be marked as red.

Add sound emitter[]

These are a bit like doodads, but for sound only.

Add 3D point[]

Most points in SC2 are 2D points, since the height is defined by different methods. Sometimes they can be useful though.

  • If you want to manipulate a units height, this is done in the Data module, or with a trigger action called "Set Unit Height".

Additional tools[]

Object Groups[]

To manage portions of points, you can assign them to groups, which is done in the Map>Object Group settings.Object Groups

  • Unlcear how to use triggers in combinations with these groups.

Point Properties[]

If you double click a point or group of doodad on the map, you will get a property window.

  • The name in this window does not reflect the doodads name in-game. It is for the editor only. To change a doodads name, you will have to edit it in the Data Module.
  • The tint is for self organization only.
  • Usage of Model is unknown.
  • Rotation affects certain scripts, like placement of custom models where you can use the preplaced points direction to guide the models rotation.