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Terrain Editor[]

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Regions Layer[]


Regions layer are a part of the Terrain Editor where you can preplace simple or complex shapes which you can use in scripting. The regions are invisible in game. The shapes are at their core simple (square, diamond, circle) but can be combined to cover complex regions.


  • Regions can be added dynamically with Triggers.
  • Spacebar on your keyboard toggles between placing and editing.
  • Overlapping regions will cause "Random point in Region" function to consider the same area twice (or more depending on how many regions are overlapping).

Tools & User Interface[]

Region Shape[]

Choose between three different shapes.

List of placed (groups of) regions[]

These are the groups of regions you have placed on the map.

List of Shapes[]

This list contains all the shapes which are included in the region group you are currently viewing.

Additional tools[]

Merge/Split regions[]

To combine regions, use the Edit>Merge and Edit>Split tools. This will combine regions into groups.

Note: If you combine more than 50 regions into one group, regions 51 and onwards will not be detectable with triggers.

Region Properties[]

  • Tint and color is for self organization only.