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Text Editor[edit | edit source]

Like the Overview Manager, the Text Editor
Text Editor Icon.PNG
allows you to modify a large assortment of data (in this case strings of text) in one window.

Text type implements handful of Text Tags.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Text Editor can be accessed by pressing the F8 key inside the Galaxy Editor, or by clicking the icon located on the main toolbar: Text Editor Icon

User Interface[edit | edit source]

Text Editor Example.PNG
  • Data Source: Use this to define a source of text you would like to edit. Your options will vary with what dependencies you have checked. [Citation Needed]
  • Filters: Use these to narrow down your results. Options include Doc Info, Map Info and Trigger.
  • Text Entry: Use this window to edit your text. For a detailed chart of text styles, view this.

Common Problems:[edit | edit source]

Text will not be shown in other languages, because the text value for other languages are empty. Use SC2 Localizer and its mpq Editor for other languages.