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Performance Testing[edit | edit source]

Performance Test Get FPS[edit | edit source]

  • Function.

Performance Test Start[edit | edit source]

  • Action.

Performance Test Stop[edit | edit source]

  • Action.

Unit Stats Start[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Starts Unit Stats performance logging.

Unit Stats Stop[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Stops Unit Stats performance logging.

Shader Generation[edit | edit source]

Engine Reset[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Used in the shader generation map

Game Wait For Resources To Complete[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Waits until shaders are done compiling

Trigger Debugging[edit | edit source]

Debug Message[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Outputs a debug message to a file, and optionally displays it to the screen as well. Use "Set Debug Message File" to configure the name of the output file.

Set Debug Message Color[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Sets the color of a debug message that is printed to the screen.

Set Debug Message File[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Sets the name of the output file for debug messages.

Set Debug Message Name[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Sets a name for a debug message type.

Open or Close Debug Window[edit | edit source]

  • Action. Opens or closes the trigger debugging window. This window contains useful information for debugging triggers, but will slow down performance.