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This is the template you should use when creating a new page for an action or function definition. Below is an example of how the page should look. Below that is a copy-able template which you can use to create the page from.

Example Template for Action/Function Definitions

Attach Model to Unit

Dependency: Core


Actor - Attach Model to Attach Point on Unit

Galaxy Code

actor libNtve_gf_AttachModelToUnit(unit unit, gamelink model, AttachPoint attachPoint)


Creates a generic actor with the specified model attached to a unit at the specified attach point. Use "Last Created Actor" to get the actor. Use "Last Created Actor" to get the actor.


Additional Information

Creates an actor to attach to a specified unit. If you want to remove the actor later, you should create an actor variable and use "last created actor" to store this actor. Then you can send it an actor message to kill it, or just remove it, whenever you need to.

Copy-able Template

===Name of Action/Function===

''Dependency: Core''

Include the GUI text displayed within the trigger editor, and link each parameter to it's respective type page
===Galaxy Code=== 
Include the raw text displayed within the trigger editor (turn raw view on to view it with ctrl+D), and link each parameter to it's respective type page
Use the description that's actually listed within the editor
*ParamaterType: ParamaterName
**Name: NameOfParamater
**Limit(s): Min/Max Values (only include if applicable, usually needed for integers & reals)
**Gamelink: Include gametype if this is a gamelink paramater
**Preset: Include the preset type if this is a preset parameter

=== Additional Information===
Include any relevant information that would be useful to know which didn't fit in another category. Advice for usage, any weird things people should know when using this, etc... If you don't have any extra information, leave the heading here and just put "None"; somebody may add more later. 

'''Be sure to set the category below to either Actions or Functions (whichever this one is), and set the next category to the trigger category (General, Bank, Campaign, etc...). 
The category name can be found on the main Triggers page'''