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Below is a listing of tutorials for every section of the editor. All data tutorials can be found under the "data" section near the bottom. For your benefit, video tutorials have been marked with a yellow camera icon (Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png), and written tutorials have been marked with a green text icon (Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png) (See Legend below). If you find a tutorial that is outdated and no longer useful, please let us know. If you want to add a tutorial, be sure you include the appropriate icon as well as the name of the author who originally wrote the tutorial. These people put a lot of work into making this content, so let's give them credit for it.

Legend: Ui-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png: Broken. Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png: Written Tutorial. Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png: Video Tutorial. Ui-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png: Outdated. Ui-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png: Outdated, but still relevant.

For Beginners

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png In-depth beginner's guide by NeoDeathXp
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Basic Triggers by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(No visual) Creating Difficulty Levels By Imposter
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Emulating Melee Victory/Defeat Conditions By Imposter
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Simple Tug of War Tutorial By DarlD
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Keeping your code clean and organized by DarlD
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Beginner - Creating a Timer by ScorpSCII
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Advanced Unit Spawner (For TDs etc..) by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Getting Started with User Types by zeldarules28
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Intro to Galaxy Editor - Triggers by zeldarules28
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basic Triggers using Scripts by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Arrays & Loops by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Create a Simple chatbox by Mille25
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Banks by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Banks by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basic Bank Saving by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Securing Banks by zeldarules28
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Basic Functions, Action & Condition Definitions by Quickshot14
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Cat 'N Mouse. Lets rescue some mice by limezor
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Cinematics and Campaign by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Converting Speed #'s from War3 to SC2 by RodOfNOD
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Computer Creating Units by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Creating a Codec System with Dialogs by Pshyched
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Custom Weapons (Triggers) by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Dynamic Tower Sell by Shakeslol
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(No visual) Healing Aura - Fountain of Health by Clord
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(No visual) How to add damage through a Trigger by XDretsamtovip
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png How to Uberlisk by Hati
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Implementing a Physics Engine by LosTacos
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Income System by WraithChaser
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Water that raises and lowers by LagKillsMaps
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Leaderboards by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Leaderboards by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Help Menu and Tips by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Objectives by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Presets/Custom-Script Presets & Multi-Diminsional Arrays by Quickshot14
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Presets and Records by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Simple Leap function by SCMapper
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Thrusters by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png Trigger Debugging by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(Not tuto - Library) Simple WASD Movement by rrowland
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories logic.png WASD Movement, The S key and you by deliverancelost
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(Complex) How to Change a Library ID by Mille25
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png How to update libraries by Doubotis
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Creating a Button by MLWhiteley
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories ping.png Spawn unit and attack a point MLWhiteley
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Utilizing the power of functions with GUI by SCMapper
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Willu's Guide to the Trigger Editor (W.I.P.) by Willuwontu


Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png 3rd Person RPG by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngSC2Layout Files: Override Method by Helral
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Custom Dialog Technique by ScorpSCII
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Making better dialogs (Intermediate) by greythepirate
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basic UI Tutorial by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basic UI / Dialogs by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Boss Bars by Volsky
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Button Images by BasicGear
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Dialog for Race & Class Selection by Voxglhf
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Hero Selector by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to change resource icon by h34dl4g
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to not use GUI by ACB1
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to create dialogs and edit Blizzard UI by XGDragon
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Really Great Looking Dialogs - by jaminv
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Really Great Looking Dialogs part 2 - by jaminv
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Really Great Looking Dialogs part 3 - by jaminv
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png RPG Interface Tips by Aenigma
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Scrolling Listbox by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to alter runtime created UI elements by Helral
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Customizing Game UI through the editor by Tenarsis
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Fixing the Inventory Buttons by Willuwontu (talk)
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Introduction to the UI editor (WIP) by Willuwontu (talk)
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Basic Introduction to Layouts by The Skunk

Art & Cutscenes

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Icon Tutorial by Th3LaughingMan
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Attaching Weapons to imported Wow Characters by HellFire
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Diablo III Models to Starcraft II by xcorbo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngModeling by TaylorMouse
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Converting Regular Normal Maps to Starcraft II (orange shading) by xcorbo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngConverting EVE Online Models by Th3LaughingMan
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Importing Custom Models and Using Them by Bifuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngImport WoW Models/Textures by o310362
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngWow to SC2 in 30 seconds! NO 3dmax! by Molsterr
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Import your own textures by Alcoholix
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png StarMovie: Play a video inside map by progammer
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Changing a Unit model/skin/texture by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png 3rd person movement by Kylegar
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Camera, Lighting, and Cinematics by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Diablo Cam & Movement by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to make cinematic scene in a map by progammer
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Ingame Cinematic by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Target with Mouselook Tracelines by rrowland
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Voting, Creep Trails, & Camera by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png WoW Camera & Controls by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Making a buff visual in Art Tools by Zolden
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Create and Add animations to Existing models by println
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Talking Portrait Animations by Gradius12
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Creating normal/specular maps from diffuse map and applying them to the model by Zolden
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Animating with Blender (Basic) by Willjay84

By Blizzard

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Game Variants and Attributes by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Making/Converting Mods by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Extension Mods by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Passive periodic resources & Floating Text by Quickshot14
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Text Styles by s3rius
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Button Tooltip Referenceing by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png CatalogFieldValue by Sholdak
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Guide to Galaxy by AzothHyjal

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngLighting by obliviron
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Lobby/Game modes by ubdead
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Lightning Day & Light Data System by Bifuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Ui-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Automatically Train Units (Also contains a Trigger only version) by Helral
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Automatically Train Units (Also contains a Data only version) by Customstarcraft
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png How to Import Files by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Custom Alerts by Quickshot14
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Creating Objectives & Transmissions by WraithChaser
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Multithreading and AI by Thalassicus
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Team Force Building by Aizuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Zergling Attack AI by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Realtime Mouse Tracking System by progammer
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png New Diablo Controls by onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Object Groups (Beginner) by Mienk Tutorial Forums


Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basic Unit Setup by ZeroAme
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Creating your first unit by Bifuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Creating your first Unit - first missile __from scratch__ by Hajika
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Converting a Doodad to a Unit / Creating a New Unit by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Customized Projectiles by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to use attack0ld animation on marauder by Bibendus
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Making Larva morph into new Zerg units by varkarrus
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Unit/Structure Morphing by happy04
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Morphing Units by TerranMaster2
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Mount Vehicle System by ravenkaizer
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Specialized Weapons by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Strafing - Preventin Units to Turn by Hati
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png(broken pics) Tank Driver - Simple attach unit by MrZ3r0
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Unit Balance Formulas by Antimatterthunder
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Upgrading a Unit into another Unit by ZeroAme
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Units w/ Actors By Taintedwisp
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Show the Combat Shield by admielke
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Lagless WASD with Data Editor by progammer
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png 2D unit inside 3D terrain by rrowland
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Data Editor Fields Listing by Ardnived
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Duplicating a Photon Cannon by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Flame Wave Weapon by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Four Mini Tutorials by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png How to have a Custom LoadingScreen by Morbent92
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Range Indicator and Spell Effects by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Removing Requirements by WraithChaser
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Shotgun Weapon by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Duplicating Units for Alternate Models Patch 3.0 by SolidSC
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png SCV Builds Auto Turret - Custom Strutures by Imposter
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Limit number of units by unit type (Like the Mothership) by Wonder Rem

Abilities & Effects

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png AOE Freeze weapon By Taintedwisp
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Aura Abilities by Bifuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Creating a new ability from scratch by RileyStarcraft
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Critical Strike by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategorieschatbubble.png Dynamic Beam Chains w/o Missiles by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Missile Abilities by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Energy Absolution by iE4TM4PS
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Force Effects by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Frostbolt Spell by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Healing Fountain by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Basics of Requirements by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Introduction to Ability Creation by LaVacaMorada
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Hit Variance System by PsypherLocke
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Levelable Passive Hero Abilities by Suterusu1337
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Multi-Phase Spells by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Unit Ability Ordering Another Unit To Attack Target by Quickshot14
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Working With Beams by ProzaicMuze
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngMultiple Beam Weapons by Fishy
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Trigger-Free Leap Ability by WildPickles
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Z Offset projectiles, "It's raining cows" by Ultimaswc3
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Diablo Fireball Spell by onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Buildings that trade one resource for another by Imposter
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Creating a Blaster Missile with Physics Impact by WilliamJay2

Misc Data
AI Editor

Find even more tutorials at the Tutorials Forum.

General Editor Tutorials[]

Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Changing the Editor's Region by Sixen
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png [File Reading Extract Data from downloaded maps!] by gerSlikey
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Fix Localization by Hati
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Getting official maps by vjeux
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png (permission required)How to play online by limezor
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Mac - Launch Custom Game by MotiveMe
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Map Publishing by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Map Publishing (Release Editor) by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Beginner Tutorial by brcosm
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Complete guide to the Lobby and Game modes by uBdead
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Guide to Galaxy - Parts 1 and 2 by AzothHyjal
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Loooong Tutorial ... (2.5 hours) by StarcraftScientist
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Understanding the Editor by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.pngUi-editoricon-triggercategories story.png Cinematics Editor Tutorial by Blizzard
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Simple Frenzy Map by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Simple Zombie Escort by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png TD Explanation/Tutorial by Onetwo
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Tips & Tricks by Bifuu
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Video Tutorials by Beider
Ui-editoricon-triggercategories cameras.png Zerg Invasion by Onetwo

Wiki overviews[]

Overviews & tutorials written directly in the wiki.
SC2 Editor API
Terrain Types
User Interface
Community Activities
Artificial Intelligence
Common Error Messages
Simplified Heatmaps using Excel
Debug Cheats

TowerDefense Guide[]

Inside is a Tutorial driven Guide that is focused purely on Making Tower Defense Maps.