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Terrain Editor[]

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Units Layer[]


The Unit layer is a part of the Terrain Editor which makes it possible to add and remove preplaced units.


  • Use Edit>Search/Replace to find and remove specific units.
  • Units can be added dynamically with Triggers.
  • Spacebar on your keyboard toggles between placing and editing units.
  • Hold Shift will ignore the units footprint and placement requirements.

Tools & User Interface[]


</gallery> The filters are here to help you finding what you are looking for.


If you know the name of the unit the search is usually the fastest way to find what you are looking for.

List of available units[]

These units are the ones you have defined in the Data Modules Unit tab.

  • If a unit appears as a grey ball, the usual error is that the link between the actor and the model has not been defined properly.

List of placed units[]

  • This list contains all units which you have placed on the map.

Additional tools[]


If you want to remove all marines on the map you can do this with the powerful search tool, available in Edit>Find/Replace.

Object Groups[]

To manage portions of units, you can assign them to groups, which is done in the Map>Object Group settings.Object Groups

  • You can assign orders and manipulate these groups with Triggers. As an example, you can make them attack a base using the "Issue Order to Unit Group" action.

Unit Properties[]

If you double click a unit or group of units on the map, you will get a property window.

  • The name in this window does not reflect the units name in-game. It is for the editor only. To change a units name, you will have to edit it in the Data Module.
  • The AI settings are a bit complicated and discussed in the Artificial Intelligence.
  • File:Rstfgs


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